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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired. We're glad you stopped by for updates.

We're BACK!! Courses restarted January 2020

What is CAVI?

CAVI is a Cisco Networking Academy based in Perth, Western Australia providing the following services, both nationally and internationally, to people who are totally or partially blind:

  • Accredited Cisco Networking Academy courses
  • Various non-Cisco IT courses and short courses
  • Life skills short courses
  • Podcasts

Connect with us or contact us

If you have questions, we may have answers. Feel free to get in touch in a variety of ways including social networks or IRC

What's on the wiki?

This site is filled with information, tips, and support materials for both new and existing students. You will also find links to materials you'll need while taking courses at CAVI.

This wiki is edited by staff, alumni, and students. It provides links to helpful articles and other resources related to CAVI courses and technologies. We invite students and alumni to submit their ideas and tips that may help other students. If you are new to CAVI, please feel free to have a look around.

How may we help you?

How to Use Your Existing Skills to Build the Life You Want

Interested in taking CAVI Courses?

Have a look at our Course Offerings

See something you like?

Fill out the Application Form.

When do courses run?

Here is the Course Schedule for this semester's Full Length Courses Here is the schedule of upcoming short courses. We need 10 students to run. Want to see how many students we currently have enrolled in your chosen course? Check the Current Enrollments page. Missed enrollments? Don't like the classroom setting? Check out our Course Archive Information

Want to get to know us outside of lecture time? See the schedule for family friendly socials.

How much do courses cost?

Here is the Pricing and Payment Information

New Student Information

Important Information For Students - Cisco Courses
Important Information for Students - Non-Cisco courses
General CAVI Orientation
CAVI Scavenger Hunt
Basic Computer Skills Test
Tools for Student Success

Feeds and Media

List of Podcast feeds
Visit our Cavi-Casts page

General Administrivia

Contact Staff and Instructors
CAVI Policies
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on twitter

Software Guides

Setting up Mumble Setting up IRC Setting up Ventrilo Setting Up Teamspeak Setting Up Teamtalk
Mac Tips

Students, would you like to add information or ideas to our wiki? We'd love to have your input to make this wiki even better. It's easy to write posts. The basic editing page describes how to create pages, links, lists, headings, and tables in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

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Page last modified on August 10, 2020, at 10:56 AM