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Cisco's Linux Essentials for CAVI

What is LinuxEssentials?

This Cisco Accreddited course is an in depth study of Linux, what it is, various flavours, the filesystem, opensource software and this is just the beginning.
You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Acquire open source concepts and progressively master Linux commands.
  • Understand how Linux is used and the basics of its command line.
  • Become skilled at using the Linux virtual machine for experiments.
  • Prepare for LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate (PDC).
  • Get a certificate of completion when you complete the course. Then add your coursework to LinkedIn so that hiring recruiters can find you for potential job opportunities.

Upon completion, students will be prepared for the progression of Linux system administration.


Please see the schedule page for when this course will run.

Course Instructions and Guidelines

The lectures will be broadcasted via Zoom and you will need to register for a zoom account.
The Zoom application is available for download at this link: Download Zoom
Once you have installed the Zoom on your local PC/Mac or phone, you will need to create an account, this account will be used for consult sessions with the provided meeting ID when you enroll.
This is an archived course, lectures have been recorded already, consultation sessions are available weekly Sunday at 7pm (AEST) – (GMT+11) of every weeks 1 through 18. Consultations are provided if you need assistance or guidance with any of the required labs that need to be completed or if you are experiencing issues.
The lectures are available for Download on the CAVI Wiki Linux Essentials Files shell accessible at the bottom of this page.


In Semester 1 of 2020 Rob Whyte delivered content. This course is running archived in semester 1 of 2021. For contact info, please see the ContactStaffAndInstructors page. To contact the course instructors via email, please use rob AT ciscovision dot org


This course runs for approximately 18 weeks and costs $100 USD. Paypal information will be given to you upon acceptance of this course. If you are experiencing financial hardship you can present evidence with your submission of hardship to our administration for consideration.

Recordings of lectures and consultations

For recordings of delivered content, retrieve the username password combination you were given at introduction and see the Linux Essentials file shell
Week 1 module 1 chapter 1 - introduction to Linux lecture notes Week 1 module 1 chapter 1 - introduction to Linux lecture recording

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