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Welcome to the CAVI HTML and PHP wiki for students. This wiki contains supporting information for students enrolled in the HTML and PHP courses. You will find our curriculum with assignments, the installer for tools needed in class, Learn how to Upload files using the WinSCP Application, links to recommended reading, a suggested books list, and articles contributed by both staff and students alike.

2016 semester 2 lecture recordings

Here is the 2016 semester 2 class audio page.

Would you like to help us make the wiki a better place to learn HTML and PHP? If so, we'll be glad to help you get up to speed with writing on the wiki. In addition, a local copy of PmWiki's documentation has been installed along with the software, and is available via the documentation index. It will help you learn about how PMWiki works.

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

More information about PmWiki is available from

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