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  • All prices given here are in USD US dollars.
  • The full price for full length CAVI courses is $500 USD. This is the price if course fees are being covered by an employer or an organization.
  • If an individual is paying out of pocket, a potential scholarship drops the fee to the price listed on this page.
    • There is a payment plan available for the full length courses. Contact us for details.
  • Payment for all courses is due up front, however there is a two week refund window for full length courses and a one week window for short courses. If you absolutely cannot pay the fees up front, please contact the course instructor to discuss alternatives.
  • To pay your fees use the donate button on and use Paypal or a Credit Card to complete your transaction in US dollars. In the comments field please put the name of the course you are paying for or email the info address with info on what course you paid for.
  • Once you have paid please forward your paypal receipt to accounts at ciscovision dot org (Remembering to reconstruct the email address before sending your message.) Note that funds do in fact go to ViSAbility Inc.
  • Courses listed here may not be currently delivering Please check the course numbers page to check the status of currently offered courses.
  • In special cases, CAVI may grant a full scholarship to a student who cannot afford the courses at their listed price. A student who is studying under such a scholarship may only take one course at a time, and whether or not they are able to take courses after the first one will be decided on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further details.
    • Scholarship students must write two essays, one at the beginning of the course stating the student's goals, and another at the end which may be used for promotional/testimonial material by the academy

Current or Upcoming Courses

  • Cisco Python Essentials: $150
  • Cisco Linux Essentials: $150
  • ITE: $150
  • HTML: $150
  • Audio
    • Audio Essentials: $GiveAway
    • Reaper: $GiveAway
    • Goldwave: $GiveAway
  • Office:
    • PowerPoint: $80
    • Word: $100
    • Excel: $80
    • If you have taken an Office course with us, any future Office courses are discounted by $20.
  • Introduction to Networking: $150.
  • Cooking Essentials - The Half Hour Meal: $80

Other Courses

These courses have run in the past, and may run again in the future but are not currently being delivered. Keep track of our social media feeds to make sure you hear of any of these courses being offered again. You can also purchase archives of these courses for the list price. For more information, please see our information on course archives.

  • Wordpress: $150
  • PHP: $150
  • NVDA: $50
  • Skype: $25
  • File Management: $25
  • Windows 10: $50
  • OSX: $80
  • Baking: $100
  • Employment: $100
  • Linux and the Raspberry Pie: $150
  • Cooking 101: $80
  • Computers 101: $150
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