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  • All prices given here are in USD US dollars.
  • The full price for full length CAVI courses is $500 USD. This is the price if course fees are being covered by an employer or an organization.
  • If an individual is paying out of pocket, a potential scholarship drops the fee to the price listed on this page.
    • There is a payment plan available for the full length courses. Contact us for details.
  • Payment for all courses is due up front, however there is a two week refund window for full length courses and a one week window for short courses. If you absolutely cannot pay the fees up front, please contact the course instructor to discuss alternatives.
  • To pay your fees please follow the instructions given by your instructor or administrator.
  • In special cases, CAVI may grant a full scholarship to a student who cannot afford the courses at their listed price. A student who is studying under such a scholarship may only take one course at a time, and whether or not they are able to take courses after the first one will be decided on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further details.
    • Scholarship students must write two essays, one at the beginning of the course stating the student's goals, and another at the end which may be used for promotional/testimonial material by the academy

You can also purchase archives of these courses for the list price. For more information, please see our information on course archives.

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