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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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NVDA Short Course

Student Resources

If you are in the NVDA course, see the Student Resources page for your class. NVDA 2014 NVDA 2015

The course will cover topics such as:

  • installation via NVDA web site and ninite
  • configuration And Settings
  • addons
  • object nav
  • browsers and NVDA, covering IE, Firefox and Chrome
  • NVDAAnd Office: a brief look at NVDA with both Microsoft Office and Libra office
  • NVDA and Skype
  • NVDA and some Windows 8.1 modern apps, including Facebook
  • NVDA's Touch Gestures

When is this course running?

This course may be running right now! To see the current status of this course, check the Current Enrollment Numbers page. If we have enough students to run the course, you can see when the course will run on the short course schedule page. Even if the course is not currently taking enrollments, you can purchase archives of the course which will allow you a guaranteed seat in the next run of the course. See the archive page for more information.

Course Fees

For pricing on this and our other courses, please see the Pricing and Fees page.

  • Attendance at lectures
  • Future access to lecture audio, notes and practice exercises
  • Access to a dedicated mailing list for course related discussion
  • 60 days of one-on-one help after course completion

Students must register for the course by the first class. To register, please send your name and email address to caviinfo @ ciscovision . org, [without the spaces]or fill in the contact form at

You can pay course fees through the "Donate via PayPal" button on or We require payment before the first class, unless you have contacted us to make other arrangements.

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