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Cooking Essentials - The Half Hour Meal

Students' Area

If you are a student in this course, please visit the Students' Area for course lecture notes and information.

Welcome to a new cooking course from CAVI. This course will cover topics geared around making healthy meals in half an hour or less. We will show you how to quickly and easily make meals without resorting to boxes and frozen dinners. Lectures will be a mixture of demonstrations and discussion.

Demonstration topics may include the following. These may change as the course gets closer, based partly on student interest.

  • Breakfasts, including waffles, sausages and/or bacon, eggs, (omelets), your very own english muffins sandwiches, and Oatmeal.
  • Dinners, possibly including Tacos, Spaghetti, pork chops and rice, grilled Chicken Caesar, fish & chips, and crock pot cooking. [Crock pot cooking stretches the definition of a half hour or less, but many recipes do tend to take only minutes to prepare in the morning and are ready to eat in the evening].
  • Quick and Easy Desserts

Discussion topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Kitchen basics and safety
  • The benefit of forethought and planning when creating a half an hour meal
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Healthy cooking choices
  • Tips and techniques for blind cooks


For pricing on this and our other courses, please see the Pricing and Fees page.

The price of the course includes:

  • Access to the live and recorded lecture
  • Access to notes
  • 2 months access to the instructor for course related questions.


To sign up for the course, send an email to caviinfo @ [without the spaces], or by letting us know via the contact form on Cavi Training. When you enroll, let us know about any dietary requirements you may have so we can try to mention customizations you may want to make to recipes, and also anything you may want us to discuss or demonstrate. If we can, we will.

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