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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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How to Use your existing skills to build the life you want

Blind people are clever, in fact we are smarter than most people give us credit for. So why are most of us still not earning a living? Because we have skills.

Yes, we have skills ranging from audio production and broadcasting, to technology management, building apps and software to e-commerce and websites. We still don't earn the living we want. Why not?

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Employers may still discriminate.
  • Companies don't always understand disabilities.
  • A clash between access technology and the organization's systems.

Our skills are as good as any sighted person's.

Wow, being as skilled as a sighted person can prevent us from getting a job? It's very possible, because we have the other problems listed above that sighted people don't.

Let's look at it from this point of view. You have two people going for a job. We'll call them David and Steve.

They are both the same age, both from the same city and both have the skills to do the job. While David is sighted and can drive to work in ten minutes, Steve is blind and relies on public transport. An employer could think David is going to be more reliable because he can get to work on time.

Both men go into the office, David walks in and flies through the interview, while Steve needs a little bit of help to find his way around. The employer may think that it's going to cost more time or resources to employ Steve.

So, if we as blind people polish our skills, get one over on the sighted competition, and go that extra mile, who gets the job? If Steve can fill in more of the blanks in the interview and prove better technical competence, he may have the edge over David.

How to increase your employment options

Push your skills to the limits. Learn to overcome the accessibility issues surrounding your field of expertise. Reward yourself with the potential to earn a better standard of living through a higher income.

Harden the ground beneath your feet. Don't risk failing for the sake of learning something you didn't know. Give yourself the potential to know your subject inside out, increasing your success rate.

We can all improve in our chosen field, every day of our lives. Skills are the difference between warming a can of soup versus being able to cook a three course gourmet dinner. Those extra few skills you pick up from a course can transform your life, bolster your knowledge and boost your employment opportunities.

Why choose CAVI?

We deliver our courses to all corners of the world. Our training is built for people using access technology, at prices geared for students on a very low income.

Our international team of instructors have decades of experience in their chosen fields, willing to give one on one support during your course. Combine this with hundreds of experienced students like you, both past and present, CAVI can offer you the best possible support at a fraction of the cost.

Why not visit, and download an application form? Or listen to a no obligation free sample of our courses. today and see for yourself.

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