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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Welcome to Rea-production. This course seeks to teach you all that you need to know to use songs, samples, loops, and midi to make music. Reapers environment is similar for both audio and midi editing, and both will be used throughout this course.

What will be covered?

Tempo and pitch based manipulation

You'll begin with a review of time and tempo based actions in reaper which will allow you to manipulate audio elements. You may have heard of things like tempo and stretch markers, in this course, you'll learn how to work, and how to use them! Take drums from one song, a base line from another, and perhaps a melody from a third to create something completely new. See how the timing, pitch and formant of a vocal can be controlled individually, and see ways to make changes to it quickly and cleanly.

Control Surfaces

Learn about hardware which can be used to add physical controls to some of the reaper functionality, such as control surfaces and midi controllers.

An intro to MIDI

What is a midi controller? Back up a minute... what's midi, and why do I care?

Learn about different midi controllers. What should you look for when buying? do you even need one? Did you know you could use your qwerty keyboard to enter midi data? Learn how as well, great for those situations where you have the idea but not the space to play.

What are VSTI's and SFZ's

Once your controller is setup, and you've tested it, learn about free high quality software instruments you can download and use, and even how to make your own if you like.

Recording And Editing Midi

Learn how to use reaper to record your performances on these virtual instruments, and its various midi editors to clean them up. Quantise parts that were played off beat, change or delete those bad notes, or go in to midi overdub to add those extra little flourishes that you couldn't get in while playing your original performance.

tying Midi and audio together.

Learn how various functions normally used in MIDI can be used with regular audio data as well.

Tie midi and audio together by exploring plugins which take advantage of both, or ways to combine your favorite instruments with your favorite effects.

Latch preview automation.

Finish the course by learning about reapers exciting new latch preview automation! It's perfect when you want to make massive changes to your mix for a part of your project very quickly, without having to second guess yourself.

Think you might be interested?

As a full-length course, The price is $150. We're taking enrollments for the coming semester. You can fill out an application by going to

What you need to know

A knowledge of tracks, items, folders, effects and the ability to successfully save and render a project in reaper is a prerequisite for this course.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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