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Welcome to music composition with reaper. This is the course landing pad. Content here is password protected and not meant for public consumption.


Are you looking for the curriculum for this course? You can find lecture notes and resources for each lecture on the curriculum page.


This course has several different outcomes. There will be an assignment for each outcome, and a final one. For information on homework, go to the assignments page.

Podcast feed

Are you looking for the audio feed of lectures? The audio index page and subscriber URLs can be found in this section.


User name: midi2017s1

Password: MakeMusic

You can subscribe directly to the feed by going to the subscriber URL.

User name and password same as above.

VST archive.

Are you looking for the VST archive page? Everything VST archive related can be found on the following page:


Helpful resources

This section, along with the lecture notes and podcasts is meant to supplement some of your knowledge. You can find helpful articles and links on the resources page.

Need help?

If you are feeling stuck, there are several ways to find your instructors. Look on the audio help page for more information.

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