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Feeling a little stuck? Maybe you just want something explained with more detail. Here is where you can find the contact information on how to reach us or others who might be able to help you

Email addresses

The first resource available to you is the

Audio discuss mailing list

This email list that all of you should be subscribed to is great because all of your fellow classmates as well as students from past classes are on this list and can provide help if they feel they can adequately answer your question.

The other email address to use when getting in contact with us is the

audio assignments submission email address

A brief note about the submit audio email address, this is also where you will turn in all of your assignments. It's important that you send them here and not to audio discuss.

Class specific email addresses

Each class will have it's own specific email list that you can use to set up study groups, ask for help from fellow classmates and instructors and receive course specific information. You can send emails for each class specific list to the following addresses:


If you are needing support, make sure you have added CaviAudio to your Skype contacts so that we may better assist you. Also, Kerry Hoath, our systems administrator is someone you can skype as well if you cannot get a hold of us. Please note, he will only be available by appointment. His skype is kerryhoath.

Instructor emails

The following email addresses will email us directly, please only use these if someone from either submit audio or audio discuss has not gotten back to you.

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