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recording MIDI assignment

record something using MIDI with either kontakt, sfortzando, or any of the VSTI's in the VST archive.

Instructions for sfortzando users

The sample paths for sfortzando do not copy over when saving a project, therefore, it is important that you specify in the project notes what sample was used. If you have an SFZ that we did not provide you that you are using with sfortzando, you will need to provide the sfz and its associated samples.

SFZ Creation

Create an SFZ with either the provided samples or any sample of your choice. feel fre to be as creative and expressive as you wish in the SFZ.

Tempo assignment

Using tempo markers, stretch markers, or any combination of tempo actions, do your best to sync the provided sample to one specific tempo. You can find the tempo assignment sample at the following link:

final project

The final project can either be MIDI, audio, or a combination of both. The purpose of this project is to be able to demonstrate at least 3 out of the 5 course outcomes. Feel free to also use things like project notes and snapshots to help you mark and reference milestones in your project. If we do not have a specific synthesizer or effects unit we request frozen stems.

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