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Current and former course Offerings

The Academy is offering several courses this semester, both familiar favourites and brand new courses. There is something for everyone here. Students are welcome to enroll in any course they like in any order they like unless a course has a prerequisite. You may also want to visit the schedule. Courses are listed in the sidebar of this wiki; the top of your web buffer if using a screen reader.

Enrolling is easy. Just fill out our application form. Once we receive your application, we'll email you to set up a time for a short interview where you can ask any questions you have, and we can explain how our courses work. We'll use Skype if you have it and the phone if you don't already have Skype.

[Please note that the enrollment minimum for most courses is 10 students. If the enrollment minimum is not met, that course may not run. To see the current enrollment numbers for a given course, please check our Current Enrollment Numbers page.]

  • If you miss the enrollment deadline, or if you cannot enroll in a course for some other reason, check out our course archive information.

Enrollments are now open.

A Note On Prerequisites

  • Most courses require some basic computer and screen reader knowledge. If you are unable to complete the basic computer skills test, please talk to us about the Computers 101 course.
  • The Wordpress course requires some HTML knowledge. If you have not taken our HTML course, you may need to complete a skills test to demonstrate your knowledge.


For information on pricing, see the fees page.

Click the course name to get further information on each course. Our courses are:

Full Length Courses

Short Courses

These are previous short courses that have been offered. Keep an eye out on the @ciscovision Twitter feed and the CAVI Facebook group for details on start dates, ETC.

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