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If you are in this course, visit the students area for resources and lecture notes.

If you've taken Intro to HTML5 and CSS, you have a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and web design. You have the skills necessary to build and maintain a small personal or business website. You know more than most people about how to build accessible web pages that look good too.

Is that enough, or do you want to build a medium to large website with a lot of new content? Do you want to launch a business with pages that gracefully feature your products and that make shopping easy for your customers? Do you want to have access to tools that extend your reach as a web designer while saving you time and unnecessary repetitive work? Or maybe you've always wanted to host a podcast with a site where you can post your ideas and projects.

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired is launching a new course about web design using WordPress, a powerful and high quality content management system. You may know about WordPress from reading blogs. What you may not know is that WordPress can do far more than blogging. It is a fully functional web design platform with security features and flexibility. It can easily generate search engine friendly link structures, add contact forms, integrate shopping carts for products, generate sitemaps, and makes adding new content for you or your support team easy.

You've seen what happens when a hand-coded site grows large quickly. It's tough to make systemic changes because you have to manually fix each page. A CMS prevents that from happening.

You need some foundational web design knowledge to really make a CMS do what you want. You got most of that in the HTML class. You can stop here if you plan to stick with a small website, say 10 pages or less. If your dreams and goals are bigger than that, the CMS fundamentals course can teach you how to make WordPress do your heavy lifting so you can focus on providing content, products, or services to people online.

This course will teach things like: How to install WordPress securely How to secure your site's content effectively How to choose themes to make your site look great How to make WordPress pages look like a website, not a blog How to use plugins to tweak and add powerful features to your site How to add multimedia and photos to your site How to integrate search engine optimization into every page as its built How to integrate social media so your site visitors can start conversations with you about your products or site How to make it easy for nontechnical people on your support team to add content And much, much more.

Does this interest you? If it does, please write to caviinfo @ ciscovision . org (without the spaces) to let us know you'd like to enroll. We don't need a new application if you're a current student or alumni of the HTML course. Knowledge of HTML is assumed in this course, so you either need to be an HTML graduate when it starts or have a demonstrable background in HTML to be sure you know HTML well enough to keep up with the course. The course, as with all CAVI courses, will begin when we advise it does.

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