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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Using Reaper With Osara - Short Course

Students' Area

Students Area

ever wanted to be in full control of your multi-track audio projects? Have you ever considered composing music with Midi and wanted more tools to get it done? Have you been frustrated with the limits of reaccess and Reaper and wondering what the next fronteer regarding Audio editing was?

In recent months NVAccess has released an extention to Reaper called Osara. This extention is a reimplementation of the accessability layer to Reaper.

If you have good audio editing skills, and want to upgrade your skills to the next level, consider taking our 5 week osara course.

This short course will be run using Pcs on Teamtalk, although any Mac info on Reaper would be apreciated.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Learning to use Reaper with the new Osara interface
  • Controlling items and tracks
  • Customizing pan envelopes
  • Creating envelopes for other types of audio data
  • Stepping through and editing midi

Course Dates

This course starts 8 October and lectures run at 4pm Eastern time.


Fundamental audio knowledge will be assumed, or people may wish to return and take Audio fundamentals next year to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.


The course will cost $100 USD. Payment will be due before the start of class, unless you have discussed alternative arrangements with us. You can pay fees via the Donate Via PayPal button on or

The price of the course includes:

  • Access to the live and recorded lectures
  • Access to notes
  • 2 months access to the instructors for course related questions.


To sign up for the course, send an email to caviinfo @ [without the spaces], or by letting us know via the contact form on

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