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Python Essentials from CAVI

What is Python Essentials?

This Cisco Accreddited course is an in depth study of the Python programming language. Upon completion, students will be prepared for the progression of Python programming.


Please see the schedule page for when this course will run.


In Semester 2 of 2020 Billy Wolf delivered content. This course is running archived in semester 1 of 2021. For contact info, please see the ContactStaffAndInstructors page. To contact the course instructors via email, please use stormdragon2976 AT gmail dot com


This course runs for approximately 16 weeks and costs $100 USD. Paypal information will be given to you upon acceptance of this course. If you are experiencing financial hardship you can present evidence with your submission of hardship to our administration for consideration.

Recordings of lectures and consultations

For recordings of delivered content, retrieve the username password combination you were given at introduction and see the Python files shell or there may be files listed here. week 1 lecture - 17th August 2020 week 2 lecture - 27th August 2020 week 3 lecture week 4 lecture week 5 lecture week 6 lecture week 7 lecture week 8 lecture week 9 lecture week 10 lecture week 11 lecture week 12 lecture week 13 lecture week 14 lecture week 15 lecture week 16 lecture week 17 lecture

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