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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Current Course Enrollment Numbers

This page lists current enrollment numbers for a given course. Typically, courses will need 10 confirmed enrollments to run. Click on the course name for more information on that course. If you see a course in our Course Offerings page but do not see it here, it means that it does not yet have enrollments. Join up and spread the word if you want it to run!

Course Statuses:

  • Gauging Interest: When we have new course ideas, we float them to see if there is enough interest in the idea to make it a viable course. These typically become running courses if we get at least 10 students saying they are interested, though course content may change, ETC based on feedback.
  • Pending courses are courses that we've run before, which we will definitely run again if we get enough students.
CourseTermEnrollment NumberStatus
The Half Hour Meal2016s25Pending

Audio Ins And Outs

CourseTermEnrollment NumberStatus
Audio Esentials2016 S219Running
Goldwave2016 S214Running
Reaping With Osara2016 S222Running
Music Composition with Reaper2017S14Pending

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