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Reaper 2017 Semester 1

This is the reaping with osara course landing pad. Please remember, all password material is protected and should not be given out to people. We put lots of work into delivering this content to you. Respect us by getting some use and learning from it, but not passing it on.

Curriculum and podcast feeds

The course will be divided into weeks so you will have an idea of how things will run. The reaper curriculum can be found here.



In order to supplement your curriculum notes and articles, live lectures happen on team talk. Don't fret if you can't make it. There is also a podcast for your convenience. The podcast content can be found at the following link:

User name: reaper password: AwesomeAudio

Watch the case on the password.

The VST Archive

Just like GoldWave, reaper also comes with stock effects. Reaper is also just as flexible, if not more so. The same VST archive can be imported into reaper as well as many other VST's you might have. You can find it at the

VST Page


If you are looking for a week by week list of reaper assignments, you can find them on the Reaper Assignments page. Note, assignments as well as a detailed list of requirements for the final project are listed on this page.

Navigating reaper

Here is a detailed article which talks about all the different ways of navigating with reaper commands.

Reaper Jaws scripts

Here is an article explaining about the Reaper Jaws Scripts

Contacting us

Need help or would like to contact your instructors about something class related? There are several ways to contact your instructors. You can find all the methods of contact by visiting the

audio instructors

contact page.

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