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reaper Jaws scripts

In an attempt to smooth over some of the issues running Reaper, Osara and Jaws, the Snowman has written some jaws scripts and suggested some modifications to Reaper's keymap. If you install these scripts and apply the modifications to the keymap, note that your keymap will differ from the one distributed with OSARA, and you should add the bindings not replace them. You can get the scripts from
The Snowmans Reaper scripts page

Installing the scripts is slightly tricky however it is not difficult once you know how it is done.

The scripts are distributed in a zip file which just contains the script files and supporting info. You need to arrange to unpack these into your personal scripts folder for the version of jaws you are currently running. On a recent windows this is c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\freedom scientific\jaws\version\settings\enu or use the "explore my settings" shortcut to open the target folder. Note that "explore my settings" link only works when Jaws is loaded.

If using the internal zip support for Windows select all files inside the zip with control-a, then control-c to copy them. Navigate to the scripts folder with the "explore my settings" option and paste with control v.

If using 7-zip then once you select extract files from the context menu, remember to select no path names and eliminate root folder in the extract dialog after browsing for the target folder. Make sure you extract the scripts for all the versions of Jaws you intent to run them with, and only put scripts in the user specific scripts folder not the global folders.

Once the scripts are installed; you can check the script version with jaws key plus q when Reaper is loaded. Upgrade these scripts at your own risk, new versions should be just fine however if they break you get to keep both pieces.

Jaws key+h will suggest you add new key bindings in your current reaper key map. Whilst this should not cause any issues make sure you add key bindings and not just replace existing ones. Also note that if you install a new Osara which replaces your keymap you will need to add the Reaper Scripts modifications back into the keymap.

If you have questions feel free to ask on audio-discuss and someone wil do their best to help you.

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Page last modified on March 24, 2017, at 12:18 PM