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Reaper assignments

Class Assignments

  • week 1 Assignment: tweek other preferences as desired. Verbal report to class on what students played with.
  • week 2 Assignment: students to insert audio into a project and save it such that the media is copied and converted to the project directory, and send their rpp folders as zips.

If students are looking for high quality beds that they can use for this task, you can find beds by Andre Louis at the following link: freaky Fwoof shorts

If you want the bed used in the study group grab this:

  • week 3 Assignment: Students to record their own audio and submit a written report on their approximate noise floor and the steps they took to apply gain staging.
  • week 4 Assignment: edit one of the provided clips. Students will have 2 weeks to do this assignment.

Darren file

Apple Guy interview

  • week 6 Assignment: either record your own audio and use it with provided bed in order to create a basic mix or use provided dry vocal file and create a basic mix with provided bed. If you have license to your own open license beds, feel free to use your own audio and bed.
  • week 7 Assignment: Students will make at least one folder in a project with at least 2 tracks in it.
  • week 8 Assignment: from the provided audio files use effects in order to remove various audio problems.

Nexus file

Final Project

The students over the course of the 10 weeks have a final project to complete. The final project is the equivalent of a final exam. The final project is required in order to obtain a passing grade. The project must consist of the following criteria.

  • The project must not clip. Note, the use of limiters just to be lazy and get around levels is not a way to get around clipping. If clipping must occur, please write an explanation as to why when turning in the project.
  • The project must contain at least 2 effects, one on a regular track and one on the master track.
  • Projects must consist of item or track edits consisting of volume, pan, selection edits, normalization, etc.
  • Students must apply one of the following 4 things to their projects. folders, sends, item properties manipulation, or automation.
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