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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Vanquishing The Dragon Of Lethargy: Or, Creating A Pseudo-Podcast A tutorial for downloading, organizing and listening to CAVI lectures, all on an iOS device.

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E1 Chapter 01! A Short Exploration of LaTex

LaTex, pronounced lah tech, is a computer typesetting system used to produce mathematical and scientific documents for publication. It is a markup language written in plain text first, then processed or compiled to produce a final PDF file. It is useful for blind students because the markup is human readable for formulas. Thus, a student can write formulas for class work. A student can also read material produced in LaTex if the source document is available.

Example Markup

 \documentclass {article}

 The Pythagoren Theorm concerns right triangles.
 If the legs of the triangle have lengths x and y,
 and the  length of the hypotenuse is z,

 Then $z = \sqrt{x^2+y^2}$

 \end document

This markup would produce text and an equation.

Some Useful Links

This is a Wikibook:

This is the Link to The Comprehensive TeX Archive Net­work:

Uses of LaTex

LaTex can be used for any word processing task and more. Complete books with drawings and photographs can be produced using it. It's output is print quality, yet the creation takes place in plain text. Give it a try.

Scott Henning?

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Mangler, A Ventrilo Client For Android.

A lot of people may prefer to access Cavi lectures while moving around their house. In accordance with Cavi policies, Its strongly recommended that you are not in a noisy environment when transmitting. Mangler is a ventrilo client for the Android operating system, which powers many of today's smart phones. Following is a brief guide which should get you up and running.

First, you will need to Install Mangler from the Google play store by Clicking Here

  • Go in to Mangler via your apps menu.
  • Click on add server.
  • None of the edit boxes are labeled, they are as follows:
  • Server name: enter Cavi or another friendly name of your choice to identify the Cavi server
  • Host: enter
  • Port: enter 4031
  • Password: Enter the password that was set for you by the Cavi staff
  • Username: Enter the username that you were assigned by the Cavi staff
  • Phonetic: leave blank and click save.

Next, Press your options key and go to preferences. Most values can be left set as their default unless you'd like to change them of course. The values you may wish to change are:

  • Custom push to talk: When checked, this will enable you to select a key on your phone to use for push to talk. For example you could assign your camera key.
  • Set PTT key: when this option is selected, you will be in an edit box. This will allow you to press a button on your phone to use for the PTT key.
  • When you have pressed your button, swipe down the screen to ok. the OK button is normally somewhere near the bottom of the screen. Double tap on the OK button to return to settings.

Now click on the server you wish to connect to, and then press enter if needs be on the channel you wish to enter. By default you will be in the main lobby Depending if you changed the style of how the push to talk key is used, you may need to push and hold the key whilst talking, or push once to start and once again to finish talking. Some phones allow you to change the stile, but most of the time you will have to hold the key while transmitting and release when you have finished speaking. At the time of writing i have not seen a phone yet that changes the option so you have to press once then press again to stop transmitting.

Chat also works to an extent in android. When you are in the chat window, you will have an edit box where you can type your chat messages, but if you arrow around Talkback will read the chat history as 1 big block of text. This is not very practical when attending a lecture however, as it does not allow you to review line by line. Another feature that also seems to be missing is the reading of in-coming messages using your default TTS engine, an option that is available in windows.

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Gino Del Casale

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