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Send a Word 2010 document to PowerPoint 2010

Send a Word 2010 document to PowerPoint 2010

Pre 2010 versions of Microsoft Word gave you the option to send a document to Microsoft PowerPoint. This option is still available in Word 2010 but needs to be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

To add Send to Microsoft PowerPoint to the QAT:

  1. access Word Options on the File Ribbon
  2. Down Arrow to Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Tab to Choose command from combo box
  4. Down Arrow to All commands
  5. Tab to the command list box
  6. Press S to move to the first command starting with S then Down Arrow to Send to Microsoft PowerPoint
  7. Tab to the Add button and press Enter. The Send to Microsoft PowerPoint command is added to the Quick Access Toolbar
  8. Tab to OK and press Enter

To use the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint command:

  1. Create the Word 2010 document applying heading styles as follows:
    • Text formatted with Heading 1 becomes the Title text in PowerPoint.
    • Text formatted with Heading 2 is converted to 1st level bullet points.
    • Text formatted with Heading 3 is converted to 2nd level bullet points and so on
      with each subsequent heading level converted to the next sub bullet level
  2. Access the Ribbon then Up Arrow to the QAT
  3. Arrow to the Send to PowerPoint command and Enter

Microsoft PowerPoint will open with slides containing the text from the Word document formatted according to the heading levels applied. It is recommended that you save the PowerPoint presentation before editing slides.

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