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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Schedule of Family Friendly Socials


Social Description!!

Socials are a time for us to get together and talk about anything family friendly. A social takes place using the teamtalk 5 server Socials can take place whenever students feel like setting one up, but sometimes the staff hosts socials as well. If you would like a large crowd, it is a good idea to send out an email on CAVI discuss at least 2-3 hours before social begins.


During the CAVI semester the times of the socials are going to be different since there are classes running at different times of the week.  Listed below there will be a list of times on the different days of the week. All socials that are on not during the standard CAVI semester are at 9pm. Please note that all times are in Eastern United States time zone.

Day of the weekType of socialTime
SundayTech chat9pm
Mondayfamily friendly11pm
Tuesdayfamily friendly11pm
Wednesdayfamily friendly9pm
Thursdayfamily friendly11pm
Fridayfamily friendly9pm
Saturdayfamily friendly9pm


Using teamtalk!!

We are using teamtalk 5. The server name is If you want the download and install page, please visit the Teamtalk tutorial page and follow the instructions to get yourself all installed and set up.


By default on teamtalk 5, you can see only the tree view (the different rooms) and yourself talk to others (whom you can't see) and chat in the main window.  You have the option to create an account which is a username/password of your choosing.  To have an account created for you please email

 and we will create you an account as soon as we can.  

We look forward to see all of you on social :)

For daily updates on socials please follow us on twitter TeamSpeakForMac

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Page last modified on November 20, 2016, at 06:19 PM