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Configuring Team Speak for the Mac

First Steps:

Note: Use of the Trackpad and keyboard with the function of performing a Mouse click will be needed to complete a thorough setup of Teamspeak. Take in to consideration, that Instructions on how to complete the setup will be with the use of macOS Sierra.


  • The software package to install is Teamspeak version, July 2016.
  • To download the software, navigate Safari to
  • Once there, locate the link for "Downloads." This page will open links to all operating systems that Teamspeak can run on. using the Heading element, navigate to OS 10.
  • Locate the download link and press from the keyboard Control+Option+Spacebar (VO+Spacebar.)
  • This will begin the download of TeamSpeak3-client.dmg to your downloads folder.
  • Depending on your internet speed, the time to download may vary.
  • After completing the download, close the Safari application and any other applications you may be running to insure no difficulties during the installation.


  • Open your downloads folder with Command+Option+L.
  • Locate the filename TeamSpeak3-client-macosx-
  • Open the file. Navigate with your Arrow keys or Tab key until you reach the "Agree," button.
  • Press the Spacebar to continue.
  • The next screen if using your tab key, locate "TeamSpeak," and copy that item with a Command+C.
  • Close the window with a Command+W.
  • Navigate to your Applications folder with a Command+Shift+A. Once opened, paste the contents of your clipboard with a Command+V and the TeamSpeak application will appear in the list of applications.

Getting Started:

  • Open the application with a Command+O. This will have TeamSpeak open but since it is not downloaded directly from the Apple App store, you must have your mac identify that it is safe. To do this, use your Tab key and locate the "Open," button.
  • Press VO+Spacebar to proceed.
  • You will then be in the TeamSpeak screen.

Setting up your TeamSpeak:

  • To setup TeamSpeak, for the purposes of CAVI courses, you will need to use Push-To-Talk in place of voice activation.
  • To adjust your settings so that you properly configure TeamSpeak with Push-To-Talk, follow the below instructions:
  • Turn on your Trackpad by pressing Control+Option and turning the rotor to the right on your trackpad.
  • You will hear a noise and Voice Over announce "Trackpad commander on."

‘’’Please note’’’, if this does not work, you may or may not have your trackpad already turned on. Swipe with one finger across the trackpad to identify if you are hearing any changes as you navigate.

  • If swiping across your trackpad yields no changes additional steps will need to be taken to turn on your trackpad.

Do the following:

  • Navigate to Utilities, Voice Over Utility, commander and check the box to turn on Trackpad.
  • With the Trackpad turned on, close the Voice Over utility screen.
  • You should return to the TeamSpeak screen. Press Command+Comma to open the preferences for TeamSpeak.
  • This will put you in settings that you can only navigate while using the trackpad.

Tabs across the top of the screen are: Application, Design, Downloads, Security, Playback, Capture, Chat, Whisper, Hotkeys, Messages, Notifications.

  • By default, Applications are the item that is open when entering preferences.
  • To change your selection from voice activation to push-to-talk you must locate by swiping to the right with one finger on the trackpad until you reach Capture.
  • You must put focus on the desired item by pressing first VO+Spacebar. When you do this, Voice Over announces "Triggers the action."
  • This will enable you with a simulated mouse click to change the focus from Applications to Capture. When you hear Voice Over say "Triggers the action," after you have navigated to capture, press Shift+VO+Spacebar twice and you will hear clicks as you complete this action of a mouse click.
  • This should allow you to swipe right until you hear Capture after the Notifications Tab.
  • If this was completed, and you have found Capture after the Notification tab, press the Tab key once to get in to the settings.
  • You will be in an area that is not announced. Tab 4 times until you here text being spoken to you explaining what push-to-talk is and how it works.
  • Tab one additional time and you will be placed in an area where you can set your desire hotkey to use with push-to-talk.
  • Press the spacebar once and you will be asked to set your hotkey by pressing the key of your choice.
  • Tab once more and you will be placed on a check box which by pressing the Spacebar, you can uncheck the box to disable voice activation if it is turned on. By default, when first opening TeamSpeak, voice activation is turned on so you will need to uncheck this box to proceed with CAVI classes.
  • After unchecking the box for voice activation, tab once more and you will land on another check box which is used for noise cancellation which is something used with voice activation primarily. By default, it is unchecked and unless otherwise advised by a CAVI administrator, no action is required with this check box.
  • Tab once more and you will land on "Advance options." This by default is uncheck and again should remain unchecked unless otherwise advised.
  • Tab once again, and you will land on a test button check box. By pressing the spacebar, you will check the box and you can test not only your microphone on your Mac but the hotkey you set up. You may receive feedback during your testing.
  • After your testing is completed, press the spacebar again to uncheck the box.

Tab until you hear the "OK," button and press VO+Spacebar to exit preferences.

Configuring TeamSpeak CAVI Server:

The steps to configure the CAVI Training server are as follows:

  1. You can turn off your trackpad with VO+turning the rotor with your fingers and turning counter clockwise.
  2. Access the menus with VO+M and arrow to the "Bookmarks" menu.
  3. Once there, arrow down until you get to Manage Bookmarks and press enter.
  4. On the next screen, you are given fields to type information, see the examples below and fill in the fields as directed:
    1. Label: (Name the connection, i.e. CAVI)
    2. Address:
    3. Nickname: (Type in how you want your name to appear, full first name and first initial of last name)
    4. Server Password: (Leave this blank) Leave the next item unchecked, it states: (More)

The below fields would be how your configuration should appear

  1. Label: CAVI
  2. Address:
  3. Nickname: John Doe on a Mac
  • After typing in the three fields, tab until you hear the "OK," button and press VO+Spacebar.
  • This will add the CAVI server connection to your Bookmarks.

Final thoughts:

  • When you open TeamSpeak, you do not have any server connections configured. To connect to the CAVI server, press VO+M and then the letter B for Bookmarks. When you reach the Bookmark menu, use the down arrow key until you reach the CAVI bookmark and press enter.
  • When you connect, you will receive a message stating your connected.
  • On the screen once your connected is a chat area, but additional instructions will follow regarding this feature in the future.
  • As always, if you have questions, you can direct them to support at
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