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This documentation will assist you with adjusting your volume levels and setting up your sound devices on the Macintosh operating system. If you have any further questions see the contact information at the bottom.

There are two ways to get to your sound settings. Yu may go to the system preferences found in your menu bar or on your doc. alternatively you may press option+F11 and you will be brought directly to your sound settings to adjust levels, input and output devices, and etc. In your system preferences dialog that will come up you are presented with the following tabs, sound effects, output, and input. These are written in order going from left to right. You may use your voice over keys to move around this dialog as you would usually or you may do it quicker with the tab key.

To change the volume of your speakers you would go to your output tab by hitting tab to jump to your tabs and then press the voice over keys and your left and right arrows to move through the tabs until you get to the one you want. When you get to the one you want press the voice over keys and the spacebar to select it like you usually would. Once you've located the output tab and have it selected you can press the tab key to move to the sound output devices table. Find the device you'd like to change with the up and down arrow keys and then press tab once more to move to the volume slider. Use the right and left arrow keys to adjust the value. Repeat the same procedure to adjust other volumes like your microphone volume. To change the microphone volume you will go to the input tab by using shift+tab to navigate back to your different tabs and locating the input tab. Press tab once more to go to your sound input devices. Once you locate the device you'd like to change use the volume slider once again to adjust the value.

Noise reduction being turned on or off is a personal preference of most users but can be turned on or off by tabbing passed the volume slider in the input settings and pressing space to check or uncheck the noise reduction box. If this setting hasn't been changed noise reduction is turned on by default.

If you've got any other questions about doing this or need some extra help with it you may contact David Denne.
Skype id: ddenne92

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Page last modified on September 03, 2013, at 10:04 AM