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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired. We're glad you stopped by for updates.

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It's important to have the right tools to do a job well. That's true at CAVI too. All remote students will need the following tools. Local students may have some of these tools provided in their classroom. If you are an enrolled student and need help setting up any of these tools, please write to cavi-instructors @ without the spaces for help. Fellow students are also a good source of help, and you can reach out to them on the Cavi-Discuss mailing list.

Tools for Students

  • A computer with a screenreader or magnification program. (JAWS or NVDA are preferred under Windows. Macs can be used but may require running a virtual machine for taking exams and doing some of the labs.)
  • Reliable broadband internet access to attend lectures
  • Ventrilo, the free voice chat program we use for live lectures. See also our Ventrillo Faq For Cavi Students.
  • Skype, the voice and text chat program we use for one on one work with instructors and students
  • A headset or a pair of headphones and a desk microphone to use in live lectures
  • If you are taking ITE, Discovery, or Exploration, you'll need a program that can let you read and write files in Microsoft Word such as Microsoft Office, Jarte, or Pages on the Mac
  • A web browser with flash, javascript, and cookies enabled (IE 8 or 9 work well under Windows)
  • An email client or reliable webmail interface that lets you send files, (Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and the GMail website are good examples)
  • If you are taking the audio course and/or want to participate in CAVI socials, you will need Teamtalk, a free voice chat client. You can use Teamtalk set-up guide.

You also might wish to review our compilation of student tested Study Tips. Or check our List Of Helpful Windows Utilities Many of the labs include tables. For more information on using tables, check out our Working with tables in Word 2010 document.

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