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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired. We're glad you stopped by for updates.

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This year we are trialing a new student helpline. This is a US phone number that you can call if you have general questions about CAVI. We have no plans to offer a phone number outside of the US unless students wish to fund it for there country. This service is run by a previous student who is a volunteer. This person can help you with the following things:

  • basic troubleshooting of Ventrilo/Skype setup
  • Basic audio configuration
  • Locating labs and resources
  • Basic lab queries for ITE and Discovery.

Things that the volunteer cannot help you with include:

  • Going over your labs and exams as they have no access to the gradebook.
  • answering questions that are covered in CAVI documentation
  • Giving answers to questions on labs or exams.
  • Questions related to payment of course fees. (how much do you need to pay, have we received payment ETC) Help with accessing Paypal can be provided however.

When calling the helpline please remember that this student is a volunteer. They do have voicemail but will be unable to call you back on a regular landline so please leave a Skype if you would like to be called back. Also please keep in mind that abuse of this line will be reported to CAVI staff. The phone number for the helpline is: 303-720-7515.

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