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Skype for String

Skype for string, announced by Skype on April first, 2012, is a revolutionary means of using the Skype network. This is an experimental version of skype that does not require an internet connection, computer, or mobile device. It relies instead on a recently discovered, natural form of peer-to-peer technology that allows your voice to travel without electricity. All you'll need is a string with a minimum bandwidth of 5 MM, and two Skype-certified cups for you and your friend to use.

What features does Skype for String support?

With Skype for String you can:

  • Make audio calls.
  • Add a contact by handing them a cup that's connected to yours.
  • Make a video call, as long as your friend is within eye sight.
  • Send files to your friend with nothing more than a flash drive and a keychain.

What can't you do with Skype for string?

  • Calls to landlines or mobile phones are not possible using Skype for string. You'll need a computer or mobile device with an active internet connection, along with skype credit in order to make calls.
  • You can not participate in Skype conferences. Only one-on-one calls are possible at this time.
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