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Saving and formatting your HTML document

In these instructions the abbreviation VO will be used. This is refering to the voice-over keys control and option being pressed at the same time.


When you’re writing html in text edit you will need to format it first. To do this:
After you’ve written your text in your document press the VO keys+M to get to the menu bar.
Press the VO keys+right arrow to go to the format menu.
Once there, press VO keys+down arrow until you get to make plain text.
Press the enter key to select this option.

Saving your document as an html file

To save the document with the .html extension do the following:
Go back up to the menu bar again and press VO+right arrow to get to file.
Press VO+down arrow to save as.Press enter to make your selection.
Name your file like you usually would but put a .html at the end.
Example: homepage.html
Press the tab key until you get to the save button.
When asked to use this extension use your VO keys+right arrow to get to use html.
Select that with VO+spacebar and you’re done.
If you need any assistance with this task contact:
David J Denne
Skype ID: ddenne92

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