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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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2013 Semester 2 Genearal Orientation

Cavi Orientation Notes


Orientation Audio.

Here is the 2013 Semester 2 orientation audio.

Thanks to Eddie Salcido for these notes.

General Info 

  • Must remain subscribed to CAVI Announce.
  • you can choose to unsub from CAVI discuss, but not recommended. Approx 220 PPL on Cavi Discuss.

Rules for Discuss Lists

  • Stay on topic
  • No promotion
  • No jokes
  • No forwards of messages that are irrelevant.
  • No personal attacks, bullying, discrimination, ETC.
  • No sexual harassment. 
  • Most classes have their own specific lists.  Critical to success at CAVI because instructors Staff are watching lists for questions. 
  • If your question is general in nature, write to the list.
  • Specific course questions go to the instructor aliases.
  • Submit-ite is for IT essentials.


  • Each class has it’s own WIKI.
  • WIKI: communally editable web site.  You don’t have to know HTML. 
  • WIKI’s usually contain lecture notes, links, articles of interest done by instructors and alumni. 
  • Snap shot backups of WIKIs are kept.
  • WIKI’s can be changed at will by staff if articles don’t align with CAVI policies. 

Class Recordings

  • Recordings are made of all lectures.
  • Available to specific class group with passwords that are provided.
  • Podcasts can be automatically downloaded to I devices.

Scavinger Hunt:

  • This is to teach students where resources are laid out and how to access them.
  • Instructions on where to send the hunt will be provided in the document.

Course Assignments, ETC

  • Multiple times to submit assignments if they are wholly or partially incorrect.
  • For 101 course, you have to participate in order to pass. 
  • Use instructor specific addresses.
  • Two hours of lecture and 3 to 8 hours of work per week for ITE essentials. 
  • All assignments will be available on the web site and on the WIKI. 
  • The words Labs and assignments are used interchangeably.
  • Labs are more practical.
  • No requirements of purchase for resources above course except word press and rasbury pie.
  • Hosting on word press is an extra expense.

Contacting Instructors

  • Use email first. Write to the class specific address.
  • CAVI discourages private chats in Ventrilo. 
  • Skype is used for one-to-one instructor contact. Instructors will not initiate contact and will keep it on a professional basis unless there is a reason to.
  • Instructors are working strictly on a volunteer basis.


  • This is version 5 of the ITE curriculum.
  • Virtualization, info on cloud, and info on olm’s law is available.
  • The lectures will differ, so cannot pull from previous lectures.
  • Windows XP will be run on the virtual machines.
  • Majority of labs can be done on newer systems.
  • Must have micro media flash running if you are doing ITE. 
  • Cannot use Lynxwith ITE curriculum.
  • Expected time to complete courses is anywhere from 16 to 20 weeks.
  • Cisco will let you know if you have flash or not. Instructors will assist in this matter.  If you can watch youtube, you have flash installed. 


  • Monica will send post to HTML discuss list with a link to class installer.  Will install file zilla, makes sure you have skype for participation for one

on one, makes sure you have flash properly installed.  Also installs Irfin View.

  • Monica provides web hosting on her web server, so students do not need to make preparation.
  • Students need to be part of the HTML discuss list.
  • HTML classes will be different in that there will be two sessions which students can attend. These are Monday at 8:00 P.M. GMT. and Thursday 9 P.M. Eastern.
  • Twenty weeks in length.
  • Final goal: 5 page, fully operational web site.  The instructor address is
  • is the instructor address.
  • Instructors consists of Monica Moehn, Brian Shaw, Amanda Rush, and Richard Wilkins, and possibly another person brought on staff by Monica. 


  • Word Press is a continuation of web design skills.
  • Taking web site to the next level, automation.
  • This will take place on Monday evenings and will be 24 weeks in length.
  • Email list is:
  • Either Amanda or Monica will set students up.
  • Amanda will discuss the type of hosting students need.
  • Use HTML installer to get File Zilla or Irfin View.
  • Amanda Rush is lead instructor while Monica will be assisting. 


  • ITE will be 9 Eastern on Tuesday nights.
  • Rasbury Pie is Wednesday nights at 9 Eastern. 
  • Windows 101 will run concurrently with HTML on Thursday nights at 9.  First meeting will be August 8th.


  • CAVI cast is a podcast produced by a knowledgeable instructor on many and varied subjects.
  • Derek will do a CAVI cast on data recovery on hard drives that are making funny noises.


  • Teamtalk will be configured as backup in case of a Ventrilo crash. CAVI Socials are held on TeamTalk.
  • socials are on the team talk servers on Friday and Sunday nights officially, but almost every evening in reality. Fridays and Sundays are set aside to be family friendly socials.. 
  • The gloves off channel is potentially not family friendly.
  • Monica’s social will be on Thursday afternoons to assist with people in the UK and other parts of the world.
  • Socials are optional. 


  • Wiki: Also contains instructors’ skype information.
  • CaviCasts: 


  • Instructors are resources you can rely upon.
  • You have the option to choose hypnotherapy.  This requires instructor recommendation.  Not an official part of CAVI. 
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