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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Here are what students consider to be the important points for each module. We'll develop these "Cliff Notes" as we read the modules and listen to the lectures.

If you miss a question on the test, be sure to include that information in its corresponding wiki page for the module. If you have tips on completing relevant labs, be sure to add that here as well.

ITE 2012 Semester 2

Week 1 Module Zero

August 8: Task this week is to finish Scavenger Hunt and to begin reading module 1. We covered policies, procedures and expectations.

Week 2, Module 1, Part 1.

August 15: Here we cover
Module 1.

Module 2.

Quick Tips for Beginners and Labs

When you cut and paste information from the web, try this. Cut and paste it to Notepad or your favorite text editor first. This will paste it without extra HTML-based formatting.

Edit it and when you like how it reads, then paste it in to the appropriate cell in the worksheet table.

Learn how to navigate tables with your screen reader. Make a copy of the worksheet to practice with and just enter junk in to the table. This way you don't worry about messing things up.

Remember when you press TAB to move to a new cell, this is a Microsoft Word feature, and not a screen reader feature. The content of the new cell is always selected, which is why the screen access reads it automatically. If you press a character key, it will behave the way Word always does with selected text; it will delete it and replace it with the keystroke you entered. So if you wish to review a cell content slowly, press Home to start at the beginning of the cell and move through with cursor keys, E.G. CTRL-arrow to move forward by word.

The automatic selection works in your favor as well. As you tab in to a cell, automatically selecting its content, you can paste or type and overwrite the previous content without needing to delete it.

If you learned some of your access technology from a sighted trainer, they might have explained that a cell becomes "highlighted" when you tab in to it. Not to worry: highlighting and selecting are the same thing. When text is highlighted you can cut or copy it, overwrite it with the next keystroke, or press Delete to send it to the bit bucket. There are many fancy keystrokes for navigating tables, but you often need to simply press TAB to move to the next cell, or Shift-Tab for the previous one. Within a cell, to ensure that text is not accidentally selected, simply press an arrow key.

If the content of a cell is really messed up, simply tab away from and back to it and press delete. Then you can start with fresh content.

Use a player like the victor reader stream or even an old cassette recorder to record your screen reader reading the entire assignment. This helps you research the answers if you find it tedious to go between the web, your text editor and the worksheet. A sighted person would often print out a worksheet because even they find it tedious to switch between a multitude of open windows.

Research one answer, and take a break. Don't stress.

Also remember you can ask general questions on the mailing lists and also ask instructors, often they will guide you towards an answer without handing it to you.

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