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To complete this lab, you may copy and paste the questions to an editable file to answer them, or Download the lab in .doc format.

Please submit this lab to upon completion.

3.9.2 Lab: Boot the Computer


In this lab, you will boot the computer for the first time, explore the BIOS setup program, and change the boot order sequence.

Accessibility note: Use one of the exploring the BIOS recordings for lab 3.9.2.

Recommended Equipment

  • Assembled computer without an operating system installed
  • Motherboard manual

Step 1

Plug the power supply cable into an AC wall outlet.

Turn on the computer.

NOTE: If the computer beeps more than once, or if the power does not come on, notify your instructor.

Step 2

During POST, press the BIOS setup key or key combination.

The BIOS setup program screen will appear.

What is the key or combination of keys used to enter the BIOS setup program?

Who manufactures the BIOS for your computer?

What is the BIOS version?

What menu options are available?

Step 3

Navigate through each screen to find the boot order sequence.

What is the first boot device in the boot order sequence?

How many additional devices can be assigned in the boot order sequence?

Step 4

Ensure that the first boot order device is the optical drive.

Ensure that the second boot order device is the hard disk drive.

Why would you change the first boot device to the optical drive?

What happens when the computer boots and the optical drive does not contain bootable media?

Step 5

Navigate through each screen to find the power management setup screen, or ACPI screen.

What power management settings are available?

Step 6

Navigate through each screen to find the PnP settings.

What PnP settings are available?

Step 7

Save the new BIOS settings and exit the BIOS setup program.

Step 8

The computer will restart.

An operating system can be installed at this time.

This lab is complete. Please have the instructor verify your work.

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