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To complete this lab, you may copy and paste the questions to an editable file to answer them, or Download the lab in .doc format.

Please submit this lab to upon completion.

3.8.2 Lab: Complete the Computer Assembly


In this lab, you will install the side panels and the external cables on the computer.

Accessibility note: Use the same lab recording you used in lab 2.3.4 for module three labs up until 3.9.2. As with 2.3.4 you are welcome to use your own hardware for these labs.

Recommended Equipment

  • Computer with power supply, motherboard, drives, and adapter cards installed, and internal cables connected
  • Monitor cable (DVI or VGA)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB cable for the USB hub
  • USB cable for the USB printer
  • Network cable
  • Wireless antenna
  • Power cable
  • Tool kit
  • Motherboard manual

Step 1

Attach the side panels to the computer case.

Secure the side panels to the computer using the panel screws.

Step 2

Attach the monitor cable to the video port.

Secure the cable by tightening the screws on the connector.

Step 3

Plug the keyboard cable into the PS/2 keyboard port.

Step 4

Plug the mouse cable into the PS/2 mouse port.

Step 5

Plug the hub USB cable into any USB port.

Step 6

Plug the printer USB cable into a USB port in the hub.

Step 7

Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port.

Step 8

Connect the wireless antenna to the antenna connector.

Step 9

Plug the power cable into the power socket of the power supply.

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