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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Student resources for Exploration

This page will attempt to summarize the resources you will need to complete the Exploration 1 course.

General resources

Most of the content for this course is stored on the Cucat student resources page Here is a short gide to the key places you should look for information.

General instructions has a networking section with instructions on how to set up Teraterm and suggested jaws scripts. Of particular interest to Exploration students is the Units of storage document in word format. It explains units of storage as far as computing is concerned.

Your Cavi provided resources for Exploration 1 are in the Exploration 1 index

The audio folder holds the most recent audio for the course i.e. the current lectures. The audio folders 2010-2012 are archival material.

Exam Diagram Descriptions holds the textual explanations you'll need to take the exams on The Cisco Netacad site

Labs contains the accessible labs for the course. Labs in folders have been modified to be accessible and should be completed by students. A zip of this material will be made available soon for easy downloading.

Lab_Demos contains demonstrations of cable testers and other cable making information.

accessing remote bundle? has documentation on how to use the remote lab gear.

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