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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Cisco Networking Academy is committed to making its curricula and documentation accessible and usable by all students to help them achieve their goals. For Networking Academy, accessibility means providing access to our curricula for people with disabilities, either by design or through compatible use with assistive technology. The accessible versions of the complete IT Essentials and CCNA Routing and Switching curricula have been available for over one year and have been enthusiastically received by academies and students worldwide. All courses include text descriptions for media items embedded in the curricula.

Visual Impairment

Cisco Networking Academy curricula can be accessed with the following tools:

Accessible NeedToolsFunctionality
Low VisionScreen Magnifier SoftwareAdjust font size and type
Color BlindnessNot relying on color aloneUsing blue background with yellow text
BlindnessScreen Reading Software, Keyboard NavigationReads elements on screen out loud, Use # keypads as pointer, All objects can be reached by tab, use of ALT and arrow keys Screen Readers

To access the course media text descriptions using JAWS:

1. Log in to Cisco NetSpace ( 2. From your home page, click on the name of your course. 3. Click on ‘Launch Course’. 4. Click on any ‘Launch Chapter’ link. 5. Click on the ‘Launch content’ icon. 6. On the upper left corner, click on the ‘Home’ icon located in front of the name of the chapter. 7. Click the ‘Tab’ key until the ‘Text Only Version’ option appears below the desired chapter. 8. Click ‘Enter’ to open the chapter content.

To access the assessment media text descriptions, go to the Resource folder on NetSpace for each curricula. The assessment media descriptions are available in Word format.

Hearing Impairment

Users with hearing impairments can access the course videos on You Tube for closed captioning.

Physical Impairment

Users with mobility or dexterity needs should be able to navigate with keyboard access throughout the course.

Packet Tracer

This content is TBD

Other Resources

We would like to thank Iain Murray and everyone at CAVI (Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired) for sharing the resources available on their website.

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