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Welcome to CAVI, the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired.

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Welcome to the CAVI scavenger hunt. This exercise will give you a better understanding of how works as well as giving you practice with some basic word processing skills. It also familiarizes you with some of the resources available to you. Please fill in

You can either take the questions from this page, or download the .txt file below.

Cavi Hunt.txt

Once you've got the questions answered, email the hunt to submit-hunt @ [without the spaces.]

You will find most of the answers you need for this assignment on our wiki located at does not need a username and password unless you access protected resources such as flash curriculum or virtual machines.

1. What time do your class or classes meet? Please give local time and Perth Time (UTC+8 hours) There is a time zone tool on the wiki schedule page which can help you answer this question.

2. For each class, what are your instructor's names? Provide one fact you find interesting about each instructor. This information can be obtained from instructor intros or orientation.

3. Name three requirements of being a remote student in our academy.

4. Each course has a mailing list to support students as they learn. What is the address you write to when you need to send mail to your class list?

Which email address do you use when you need to submit homework?

Find the Cavi-Casts audio folder. 5. Have a browse through the folders and name a Cavi-Cast that you would be interested in downloading and listening to. Which one is it?

6. Find the Cavi-Cast about NVDA with Object Nav. What is the date that file was added to the site?

 7. What is the Skype ID for the lead instructor for your course? Ensure that you have added this instructor to Skype.

8. When you want to ask a question during lecture, which is the proper method to get it answered. A. Ask your question as soon as you can key up B. Skype your instructor during class C. Put your name in chat and wait to be called on D. Send a private message on Ventrilo to the instructor during class

9. What URL do you use to read the curriculum for your course?

10. What is the pass mark for exams on This information is in the new students documentation.

11. Open the study tips article. Write down your favourite study tip.

12. Find and read the CAVI policies. You are required to agree with these so make sure you understand them. Explain why CAVI’s headphones policy is a good idea.

13. please write: “I (first name, last name) agree to CAVI policies” to signify that you understand and agree to our tirms of service.

14. Spell check this document. There is at least one error. What is it?

Congratulations! You have completed the cavi hunt.

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