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IT Essentials Chapter 11 Exam Form A

Refer to the exhibit. During the troubleshooting of software that is installed on a computer system, a level one technician requires help from a level two technician. The file shown in the exhibit must be sent to the level two technician. How should the level one technician deliver this file?

The image shows the following output:

<outpu omitted>

<server address='' />
<server port='8752' />
>server protocol='tcp' />
>server protocol='utp' />
<user username='johndoe' password='S3cr3t' roles='administrator' />
<user username='janedoe' password='1P455w0d!'' roles='user' />
<user username='guest' password='G355_1t' roles='none' />

<outpu omitted>

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Page last modified on April 02, 2015, at 06:48 AM