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IT Essentials 1-6 Checkpoint Exam Form A

Which two connectors are DVI connectors? (Choose two.)

The images show 6 different connectors. The images are inaccessible and the descriptions are provided for your information.

The connectors are:

  • 9 pin data connector with 1 row of 5 pins and 1 row of 4 pins
  • 15 pin analog display connector with 3 rows of 5 pins
  • Video display connector with 3 rows of 8 pins and a solitary flat blade
  • Video display connector with 3 rows of 8 pins and 4 contacts around a solitary flat blade
  • 4 pin round video connector
  • 19 pin high definition digital audio video connector

Refer to the exhibit. Which two port types are shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)

The image shows a flat rectangular connector and corresponding ports used for connecting computer accessories like mice, keyboards, webcams etc. This connector can also be used for charging a variety of gadgets. The image also shows an 8 contact port used for connecting to other computers and the internet.

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Page last modified on April 02, 2015, at 06:47 AM