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selecting midi devices.

Unlike audio devices in reaper, MIDI devices are a little different. While in reaper you just arrow down to the audio device and that is what it selects, MIDI devices are a little different. You not only have to select the MIDI device in reaper preferences, but you also have to enable them. Here are the steps to enable your MIDI devices.

  1. Press CTRL+P to get into reaper preferences.
  2. Once in the tree view, press the letter m until you hear MIDI devices.
  3. Tab past the ok and cancel buttons until you get to the first list view. This will a list of all the MIDI inputs reaper sees.
  4. Pick the MIDI input you want to enable from the list view.
  5. Either press the applications key to invoke the context menu and press enter on enable, or press CTRL+enter to open the configuration dialogue box. When that dialogue box opens, check the enable input from this device checkbox and press enter to close it.
  6. Tab past the add joystick button, the next list view will be your MIDI outputs.
  7. Select the output or outputs you want to enable and repeat the same steps as above for input devices.
  8. Press enter or tab to OK to close the preferences dialogue.
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Page last modified on February 18, 2017, at 04:32 AM