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MIDI connections

5 pin MIDI din

When most people want to use their keyboard in their daw, it needs to be connected to the computer in some way. The first way people used to connect their keyboard to the computer is by using a MIDI interface. The MIDI interface has what are called 5-pin MIDI DIN connectors. These connectors allow the keyboard to hook up to the interface which then plugs up to the computer by USB. These connectors are also important if you wish to connect a midi controller to a synthesizer or a keyboard and control it with the midi controller.

USB connections

Now most times MIDI connections to interfaces and keyboards or MIDI controllers can connect to computers via USB. Remember though, that if you want to control other midi devices with a controller, you will still need to use MIDI din connectors to chain MIDI devices together. MIDI controllers, digital pianos, and other MIDI interfaces that connect via USB can communicate with the computer directly, so do not need anything else.

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Page last modified on February 17, 2017, at 02:02 AM