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SFZ, What is it?

Just as we have hardware synths and instruments, we also have software ones as well. There are many VSTI plugins but some of them actually allow us to import instruments into them so that we may play any number of things with one plug-in. These files are made using different musical instrument format standards. Perhaps the most universal one due to how open source it is the SFZ format. SFZ consists of text files with instructions called op codes, and the sound samples that the op codes will effect. These are save with a .sfz extension. The files are then played in an sfz player.


Here's some documentation about the sfz format From the links below you can read a lot about this format and how to build sfz files. The rgc:audio sfz file format page

A list of sfz 1 opcodes

sfz 2 opcodes

few opcodes that have been added to ARIA/sforzando for more flexibility

This page provides an alternative view of the sfz format documentation provided by rgc:audio

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Page last modified on April 03, 2017, at 02:25 PM