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Reaper Advanced Resources

Reaper Advanced covers a wide range of content, which is divided into various sections. Not all of these sections are populated yet as this is the first run of the course. Check back regularly for updates. Navigate by heading to find the links to the various sections of the course.

Critical Listening and Mixing tips

the first section of the course deals with some aspects of the very broad topic, critical listening. Developing these skills relates directly to all aspects of audio, so mixing tips that aren't covered directly in other sections of the course are included here. A great deal of third-party content will supplement this section.

Optimizing Reaper

This section deals with the installation of additional scripts and plug-ins for Reaper, how to enable them and a few tweaks to get the most out of the DAW including the use of sub-projects and various pan modes.


This section covers further Reaper optimization using the Reaper extension, SWS. It includes information on project and track management, configuring parameters that SWS can adjust, using marker-based actions, creating routing paths between tracks and more.

Advanced effects

here you will learn how to apply effects to one channel as opposed to two or how to make an effect with a mono output apply in stereo. Also covered are techniques to avoid phase problems in mixes and how to use effects in a mid-side configuration.

then we move on to applying an effect to a specific frequency band rather than the whole spectrum of the input audio.

Automation and Modulation

This section covers certain applications of latch preview automation and explores how to modulate effects parameters using LFOs, other effects parameters and audio amplitude envelopes.

Convolution reverb?

Here you learn how to enhance the instruments you've made, changing their envelopes, spectral content etc. You will learn how to colour your speech, create reverse echos, delays, capture the acoustic properties of spaces, speakers and other devices.

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