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Critical Listening and Mixing Tips

Critical listening is by far the most important skill anyone working with audio can have. This section of the course is in fact the strand that will run through all the others. You will learn how to listen to your audio and what to think about while you're listening to it. Better critical listening is the path to creating a better mix, since mixing is basically applied critical listening, so this page contains links to mixing tips, so that you know what to do with what you've heard when you've heard it to improve your audio overall.

Critical Listening

Introduction to Critical Listening

[[|Video Tutorial on How to Get a Balanced Mix with Pink Noise}]

Mixing Tips

The Recording Revolution

there's a guy called graham Cochrane who runs a company called the Recording Revolution that offers all sorts of mixing courses and offers all sorts of resources. He gives away a ton of free tips in addition to his paid materials and I thoroughly recommend that you [[|visit his channel.

Please note this is my opinion and CAVI does not officially endorse this company.

Other Tips

The 3 Bass Zones, quickly bring your low end to life

 Hacking The Hearing System: 9 Psychoacoustic & Sound Design Tricks To Improve Your Music
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