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Welcome to the GoldWave course's landing pad. The content presented in this course is protected and is not meant for public viewing


If you are looking for the curriculum and lecture notes you can find them on the GoldWave curriculum page. assignments2016s2

Podcast information

This is the following information for the Gold Wave podcast. Make sure to watch the case on things

URL: user name: goldwave2016s2 password: MixMyStuff

GoldWave Introduction

GoldWave is a budget friendly recorder and single track editor that is light, portable, and works well with most screen readers. Due to how highly configurable it is including keystrokes, it is the one we will be teaching in the single track module. You can get the latest version of GoldWave by going to

Note: the latest version of GoldWave, version 6.24 runs only on 64bit systems. If you are running a 32 bit system, or you are running windows vista or older, make sure to download GoldWave version 5.70. GoldWave also has some associated jaws scripts and an NVDA addon in order to assist you with it's use. You can find them by going to the following links:

GoldWave Jaws scrips

GoldWave NVDA Add-on

The VST archive

If you are looking to perhaps give GoldWave more functionality, you may want to take a look at this article on how to insert VST's into goldwave.

Also, the free VST archive page may be of interest to you as well should you want some plug-ins to get you started.

I need help!

Help is easy to find. You can get help by going to the AudioHelp contact page. It has ways of contacting your instructors should you be stuck or just need a bit of help or guidance.

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