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Assignments for Goldwave

Week 1

Install goldwave, the vsts and the scripts or nvda-addon.

Week 2

Record a file with silence at the beginning and optionallly the end and trim the silence off the file. submit both the original and trimmed file, saved in flac, and zipped up to

Week 3

Edit the Apple Guy. Download the file at

and use Goldwave to edit it to the best of your ability using or not using zero crossings as you see fit. Students will have 2 weeks to do this assignment.

week 5

Create a basic mix. Do this by either using the mix dialogue or the voiceover dialogue. Send us the mix as a flac.

Week 6

  • Find some songs or other files suitable for this exercise.
  • Fade them or put some affects on them or mix them together like a Timelife comercial. You could normalize them all, or put reverb on them all. Have fun and use any kind of effects or edit process you see fit from the batch converter processes.
  • Write up what you did and send that along with the final file so describe what you did and how you did it.

Final project for Goldwave if students are doing one:

  • Project must not clip.
  • use either an internal goldwave affect or use an internal one inside goldwave. use 2 affects.
  • make sure your mixed file does not clip.

Project is due at the last week of class. Students will get the chance to explain what they did for their projects to the class for the final party/show and tell.

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