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Current Course Schedule

For an overview of the courses and what you will learn see the Course Offerings page. If you have any questions and need to get in touch, please see the contact page for email and Skype information.


  • See this time and date link for time in your area.
  • This schedule may change due to class enrollment numbers or student need. Class members will be notified of this change. Also check the @ciscovision Twitter feed for schedule updates.
  • Orientation for all classes except Audio Fundamentals students is on ventrilo. Make sure we have your password and that your Ventrillo is correctly configured and usable. Contact us for assistance if required.
  • Courses are listed here in Perth time. All courses except for the UK lecture of HTML begin at 9:00 AM Perth time. This is the evening of the previous day in North American timezones. 9 AM Wednesday morning Perth time is Tuesday night at 9 PM EST. this becomes 8pm when daylight savings is in affect. Study groups may be at times other than the usual class time. They will be planned according to class preferences. It may be helpful to set up a second clock on your computer or phone if it would help you to remember when classes begin.
  • Please remember to account for daylight savings time if your area is effected by it.
  • Lectures run for 2 hours.
  • Here is a schedule of current and forthcoming short courses.
  • If you'd like to get to know us outside of lecture time, please see the social schedule.
Audio EssentialsTuesday, 1 AMDerek Lane Jessica Silva and Justin Macleod
ReaperStarts on Tuesday 25 September at 1AMJessica Silva Justin Macleod, and Derick Lane
GoldwaveStarts on Thursday 28 September at 1 AMJessica Silva, Justin Macleod, and Derick Lane
ITEWednesday, 9 AMKerry Hoath
PHPThursday, 9 AMAmanda Rush
HTMLFriday, 9 AMBrian Shaw
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