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This is the Essentials landing pad. The material is password protected and not meant for public viewing.

curriculum and podcast links


Go here to find notes related to each lecture, short sound clips demonstrating audio principles discussed, and other resources relating to each lecture such as external links.


Here is a list of assignments given for this course.

if you are looking for the podcast for this semester, it can be found at the following link:

The direct link to the podcast feed is:

Username: audioio2017s1

Password: LearnTheBasics

Watch the case on the password.

Overcast users: you will need to put the credentials in your url:

All about sound and your ears

Want to learn a bit more about how your ears work? Read this article all about ears for more information.

Here's an article explaining phase and its relationship to sound.


sample rate and bit depth

Here is an article in progress on sample rate and bit depth

Here is an article Why 192khz/24bit music downloads are silly

all about speakers and hiss

There are many reasons your speakers can experience hiss. Read this article on hissing for some common reasons why speakers might hiss.

Do I really need a mixer?

This Do I need a mixer article has been provided to us by Jess Smith. It sums up his thoughts on this important question.

Send-To tricks

Check out how to add audio processing options to your Send-to menu.

Basic Editing

Here are some basic editing tips.

Here is an article that talks about 10 Myths about normalizing

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