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Assignments for Audio Essentials

Week 1

Complete the CAVI scavenger hunt and audio proficiency questionnaire. The assignment can be found at the following link:

Week 2

Identify the different types of noises presented in the files. The instructions for this assignment can be found on the week 2 assignment page.

Week 3

Identify all the equipment you have that you use but start this week and see what you have around the house with cables and connecters. Which connectors does your gear use?

Week 4

Research the equipment you have and what you think you might need for your potential applications. Ask your lists, friends and pros for help. Tell us what Microphones you have, type and pickup pattern. You might need to google them or read the manuals for them. Next week you get to decide what you might need. Write down by studygroup what you have and they will be discussed in studygroup.

Week 5

In study group mixers and interfaces will be discussed, decide if you need any of these things. Add to your list of gear and what you might need. Make a list of needs, and what you want to do. If you get stuck ask your instructors or or

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