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Welcome to the Audio Ins and Outs course shared resources page. Here you will find some resources that will aid you in any of the modules you are currently taking.


New to dropbox? Check out this article on how to upload and send things via dropbox

We use cloud services like dropbox in order to receive assignments efficiently, since some of them may end up being a bit big.

The two types of editing

Generally, when you edit something in a digital workstation, there are two ways of editing audio, destructively and nondestructively. Check out this article on destructive vs nondestructive editing


we can manipulate audio in ways that make it sound different, boost it up, or simply just give it a bit of detail. This process is known as applying an audio effect. You can read more about effects in this basic introduction to effects

The VST archive

Check out the free VST archive page for some plug-ins that might just enhance the functionality of your DAW. You can also learn a brief history of how VST came to be.

Feeling Stuck?

Fear not! You can get help from the audio help page.

Vocal booth to go

Here is a review of this product vocal2go

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