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Welcome to Reaper Advanced

Reaper Advanced Student home-page

Welcome to Reaper Advanced. From this page, you can access the content for this course, either written, audio or in some cases video.

Some of the content is third-party content from other sites. Please let us know if one of the links become broken and, even more importantly, if you come across an article that you would like to see included in the wiki.

the Podcast Feed

Use these URLs and credentials to access lectures, study groups and tutorials.

User name: advreaper2017s1 Password: AdvancedEditing

Links to the files to download can be found at:

If you wish to use a podcatcher, use the following URL to subscribe.

course Materials

In addition to the recordings of lectures, study groups and any other tutorials that may be produced that comprise the podcast, other materials in the form of written notes and sample files to work on will be provided. These course Materials can be accessed via the above link.


To ensure you get maximum benefit from the course, several assignments will be set to allow you to put into practice what you've learned. Check this page regularly, particularly if you are unable to attend classes, for details of assignments.

It is recommended that you wait for an assignment to be officially set before you attempt to complete it, however, if you are very confident in your ability to complete a certain task, you may submit it ahead of time. Please bear in mind however, that you may not receive feedback until its actual due date.

Enjoy the course and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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