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Importing a Keymap


If someone you know has created a keymap with actions bound to shortcuts not found in your keymap, you may wish to add those shortcuts to your own. This article shows you how to do this, using the keyamp you will require for this course as an example so please follow the steps closely. The most important thing to remember is that, once you have supplemented your keymap with custom shortcuts or imported another keymap to supplement yours, you must not import Osara's keymap over yours via the installer, otherwise your keymap may be over-written or will at the very least not be used. You will have to recreate your shortcuts or re-import your keymap, following the steps in this article.

The other thing to remember is that, if a keymap you import contains a different action bound to one of the shortcuts you are using, your binding will be over-written. For example, if the imported keymap contains the shortcut control shift r to open the project render dialogue and you have control shift are to the action that will insert random envelope points, the imported shortcut will replace yours and control shift r will no longer insert random envelope points.

Importing the Course Keymap.

  1. right click on the following link and choose "Save Target as" or the equivalent appropriate to your browser. Download the course keymap here.
  2. Place it in the keymaps folder of the copy of Reaper for which you wish it to be imported.
  3. Load that copy of Reaper and bring up the actions dialogue.
  4. Tab to the "Import/export" button and press it, which will bring up a context menu.
  5. Select import, which will bring up a dialogue inviting you to choose which keymap you wish to open. this is a simple browse dialogue so either enter the keymap path into the edit box or browse for the file you want and click open. the keymap will then be imported.

Final Note

If you wish to export a keymap, you must select export all from the context menu as exporting selected items is not currently accessible.

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Page last modified on February 17, 2017, at 02:40 AM